We are a couple, who have been dating for two years. We met randomly in New York City at our favorite brunch place Agave in the West Village. How can you not fall in love over unlimited frozen margaritas!? 

Nate is originally from Chicago, hates cold weather and loves to travel. He spent 9 years coaching college football and is currently the head coach in the National Grid Iron League in Australia, beginning September 2016.

Liz, a native Floridian, loves whales, yoga and dessert. She was an interior designer, working at an awesome firm in TriBeCa doing high end residential for Damon Liss Design. 

We both left our jobs in New York City to travel for 5 months before we move to Wollongong Australia to start the next chapter! 

Follow this blog to learn about all the amazing places we visit during our journey and how to do it yourself! 

3 thoughts on “About

  1. hi guys,
    well done on your recent NZ blogs (including the kebabulous mention – owned by my brother!)
    wrt you BWR adventure, if you would like some more relevant images to go with that, please let me know (a couple in there are from a different operator, different cave) and I could also track down the actual photos of your tour.
    Let me know
    The Legendary Black water Rafting Co.


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