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After visiting forty countries and hundreds of cities you begin to learn how to make the most out of your trip. Often times, our favorite places to travel to have less to do with the quality of the location and more to do with the quality of the advice we got on how to best spend our time. There are seemingly endless reviews/tips on the internet from travel guides to bloggers, and we have read them all. However, we always found the best restaurants, bars, and attractions in cities where we knew a local. The advice of a like-minded local can make all of the difference.

The reason we created a snapshot for each country that we visited is because it contains all of the information we are looking for when planning a trip. I want to know what the must-sees and must-eats are. While I hope that information is helpful, I know what is missing.

This section of passportandchill.com is designed to feature travel bloggers from around the world. I want to give them an opportunity to act as your local guide to their city. Travelers know what travelers need, but they spend so much time helping other travelers make their way through cities and countries they barely know.

After three days in Singapore we wrote a snapshot guide to the city-state. After six years in New York City, we hadn’t. That is about to change.

Passportandchill.com presents A Local Snapshot

North America


New York City