South Korea Snapshot

For anyone planning to travel to South Korea we hope this snap shot of our time is useful in your planning.

Days in South Korea: 1

Money Spent (USD for 2 people): $88

Accommodation = $0

Food = $50

Alcohol = $0

Activities = $0

Transportation = $32

Misc = $6

Visas = $0

Splurge = $0

Our Route: Seoul

Our #1 Recommendation…

Try Korean BBQ

Our Top 5 Lists…

Things to See/Do

  1. Korean BBQ
  2. Coffee culture during lunch hour
  3. Shopping in Insa-Dong
  4. Imperial Palace
  5. Free showers and baggage storage at the airport

In retrospect we would have…

  • Taken less cash out. Be aware of the ATM multiplier (10,000)
  • Gotten a solid address for a recommended BBQ place
  • Done more research on great places to eat

Suggested itinerary

We didn’t spend enough time in South Korea to offer an opinion. However, we did like what we saw and would recommend visiting Seoul.

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