Thailand Snapshot

For anyone planning to travel to Thailand we hope this snap shot of our time is useful in your planning.

Days in Thailand: 30

Money Spent (USD for 2 people): $2795

Accommodation = $1144

Food = $459

Alcohol = $132

Activities = $65

Transportation = $381

Misc = $39

Visas = $0

Splurge = $576 ($56 Cooking Class, $87 Bangkok Dinner, $42 Full Moon Party, $112 Trek, $210 Custom Suit, $68 Night Out in Bangkok)

Our Route: Bangkok, Koh Samui, Koh Pha Nang, Railay Beach, Chaing Mai, Bangkok

Our #1 Recommendation…

Experience a Full Moon Party, once in your lifetime

Our Top 5 Lists…


  1. Railay Beach / Ko Phi Phi (visited on a separate trip)
  2. Chiang Mai
  3. Koh Samui
  4. Bangkok
  5. Koh Pha Nang


  1. Massaman Curry 
  2. Panang Curry 
  3. Pad Thai
  4. Green Curry 
  5. Sticky Rice and Mango


  1. Full Moon Party in Koh Pha Nang 
  2. Railay Beach/Phra Nang Beach 
  3. Sampon Cooking Class in Bangkok
  4. Jungle Club in Koh Samui 
  5. Cheap Charlie’s in Bangkok Suk Soi 11

In retrospect we would have…

  • Spent one more day in Chiang Mai
  • Ordered more Oreo Milkshakes
  • Visited Chinatown at night in Bangkok
  • Skipped Pat Pong Market and only go to Koh San Rd.
  • Looked earlier for a hotel for the Full Moon Party or spent more money

Suggested 1 week itinerary

2 Nights Railay Beach > 3 Nights Koh Phi Phi > 2 Nights Bangkok

Suggested 2 week itinerary 

 4 Nights Chiang Mai > 3 Nights Railay Beach >  4 Nights Koh Phi Phi > 3 Nights Bangkok

Suggested 3 week itinerary

 5 Nights Chiang Mai >  5 Nights Koh Samui > 3 Nights Railay Beach >  4 Nights Koh Phi Phi > 4 Nights Bangkok


One thought on “Thailand Snapshot

  1. It’s been so cool living (traveling) vicariously through you guys…and your adventures reminded me how important it is to do these kinds of things when we can!!! Welcome back! But we know your adventures won’t stop there…XO


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