Malaysia Snapshot

For anyone planning to travel to Malaysia we hope this snapshot of our time is useful in your planning.

Days in the Malaysia: 3

Money Spent (USD for 2 people): $309

Accommodation = $110

Food = $69

Alcohol = $0

Activities = $12

Transportation = $47

Misc = $0

Visas = $0

Splurge = $79 ($19 reflexology, $11 iPhone recovery, $15 VCR breaky, $25 drinks at Traders Hotel)

Our Route: MalaccaKuala Lumpur

Our #1 Recommendation…

Don’t visit Malacca on a Tuesday 

Our Top 5 List…


  1. Bike ride through Malacca Town 
  2. Eat Rice Balls and Roasted Chicken in Malacca
  3. Visit Traders Hotel sky bar for view of the Petronas Towers 
  4. Go to the night food market on Jalan Alor and eat the BBQ Chicken Wings at the “Mickey Mouse” Wong ah Wah
  5. Eat Kaya Toast anywhere

In retrospect we would have…

  • A better location in KL, our hotel was on the very outskirts of Bukit Bintang, it would have been easier to explore had we been closer to the center
  • Researched and utilized the free bus system 
  • Found a place with a good view of Petronas Towers that had a better atmosphere
  • Avoided going to Malacca on a Tuesday (since not much is open on Tuesdays)

Suggested itinerary

We spent so little time in the country that it would be unfair for us to suggest an itinerary. Three days barely gave us a glimpse into Malay culture but we organized our trip that way because we had countries to hit that were more important to us. That being said, splitting up even just three days between KL and Malacca are completely doable and we would suggest seeing Malacca, it’s a cool town. 



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