Singapore Snapshot

For anyone planning to travel to Singapore we hope this snapshot of our time is useful in your planning.

Days in the Singapore: 3.5

Money Spent (USD for 2 people): $560

Accommodation = $121

Food = $212

Alcohol = $121

Activities = $0

Transportation = $63

Misc = $14 

Visas = $0

Splurge = $29 (Drinks at Marina Bay Sands)

Our Route: Singapore

Our #1 Recommendation…

Eat at Hawker Centers 

Our Top 5 Lists…


  1. Laksa at Queensway Sports Mall
  2. Black Carrot Cake at Newton Hawker Center 
  3. Kaya Toast at Ya Kun  
  4. Sushi at JJ Fish Market 
  5. BBQ Sting Ray at Newton Hawker Center


  1. Sunset at Marina Bay Sands
  2. Exploring all the Hawker Centers
  3. Walking through the Southern Ridges 
  4. Drinks on Club Street 
  5. Watching the Super Tree Grove at 7:45PM

In retrospect we would have…

  • Made sure our research was current… A few food stalls we searched for were no longer in existence   
  • Nothing else…we killed it!

Suggested itinerary

Singapore is a large city that you can explore as little or as long as you want. I would say we made the most of our time in Singapore but there was not time for rest. We didn’t leave feeling like we needed more time but if you don’t like to fill your days or stomachs to the brim, you could easily spend 5 days there seeing everything. 


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