Philippines Snapshot

For anyone planning to travel to the Philippines we hope this snap shot of our time is useful in your planning.

Days in the Philippins: 17

Money Spent (USD for 2 people): $2255

Accommodation = $462

Food = $401

Alcohol = $54

Activities = $2

Transportation = $834

Misc = $52

Visas = $0

Splurge = $450 (Canyoning $86, Beach Massage $11, El Nido tours $95, El Nido Night Out 1 $27, Scuba Diving/Massage $87, Owl Shirt $11, El Nido Night Out 2 $31, Philippines Accommodation Supplement $101)

Our Route: Cebu, BoracayPalawan

Our #1 Recommendation…

Go to El Nido

Our Top 5 Lists…


  1. Anything made by Joy in Argoa
  2. Lemon Cafe in Boracay
  3. Mango Mint Smoothie or a Frappe at Deli Nido Cafe
  4. Dinner at Al Fresco in Boracay
  5. Calamari at The Last Filling Station in Moalbaol

The Philippines Overall 

  1. Boracay Beaches
  2. Canyoning in Moalboal
  3. Sunsets in El Nido at Republica Bar
  4. Boat Tours in El Nido
  5. Staying at the Henann Lagoon Resort in Boracay
  6. Extra item is the local people! They are so nice and we enjoyed them so much!

In retrospect we would have…

  • Rented a larger bike for biking Cebu, it’s uncomfortable for long distances on a scooter
  • Stayed within walking distance of restaurants our first night in Mactan
  • Remembered to take cash out before heading down to Oslob for the Whale Sharks
  • Explored another one of the Boracay Beaches besides just Puka Shell Beach
  • Not let the man take our bags out of our trike at the Borocay port, he ran so fast to drop them at the boat for us than asked for a tip, not cool! Peddler!
  • Schedued our flight in and out of Puerta Princessa to line up with the nicer shuttle service to El Nido
  • Booked our entire stay at JM Pension House in El Nido

Suggested 1 week itinerary

Skip Manilla, fly to Puerto Princessa and spend all your time in El Nido

Suggested 2 week itinerary 

2 – 3 Islands Palawan a must, can skip Cebu if you don’t want to canyon jump. Look into Bohol instead, the Chocolate Hills and live diving with the Whale Sharks which is better than the one in Cebu. Boracay for 2-3 nights is all that is needed. If you don’t like just lounging on the beach or a very touristy area, you can skip but the beaches are perfection.

Suggested 3 week itinerary

Don’t go to Manilla.
Boracay 3 nights > El Nido 5 nights > Cebu, Moalboal 3 nights > Bohol 5 nights plus any travel days that might be necessary

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